Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Was Born This Way

Last year, Chaz Bono started outwardly living his life as a man debuting a name and gender change to the public. He says:

“I always had this idea that sure, I wish I was a boy...but I wasn’t and so I’d deal with it. There were other lesbians that felt that way and so that was part of that community,” he explained. “But then I realized that that wasn’t being a lesbian at all, that’s being transgendered.” Nonetheless, he still held on to that realization for years before deciding to do something about it.

"For me, it was about how I was perceived in the world," he said. "I wanted all of this [gesturing to his body] to match how I feel on the inside...I don’t doubt that I was born this way."

Here's a recent article on Chaz.....Chaz Bono: I don't doubt I was born this way.

Have any of your dealt personally with someone going through a gender identity search? How have you dealt with it? How are they perceived publicly?

How would you feel if your son or daughter came to you saying they thought they were the wrong gender?

For me, I would always want to support my daughters, but I would be concerned about how the public would react. Unfortunately, I think as a nation we don't know what to do with this kind of change, and perhaps aren't prepared for these issues. Tough one!

What do you all think?

Faith xo

Friday, May 6, 2011

Is it innate? Is it God-given?

How Many Gays Must God Create Before We Accept That He Wants Them Around?

Wow, I thought this was intriguing and very eloquent.

Your thoughts?

Have a great weekend!
xo Faith

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Massachusetts Bullying Case, No Jail Time?

Northampton, Massachusetts (CNN) -- "Two classmates of a high school freshman who hanged herself in the stairwell of her family's apartment pleaded guilty to charges of criminal harassment, but neither will serve time, prosecutors said Wednesday."

"Mulveyhill and Narey, both 18, each received one year's probation, with special stipulations that include 100 hours of community service to assist underprivileged or at-risk youth..."

WOW, this is sombering. Humbling. Frightening.

"Sean Mulveyhill and Kayla Narey entered their pleas in connection with what was described as the systematic bullying of Phoebe Prince..On the day she died, Prince was loudly berated in the South Hadley High School library. She was taunted again as school let out, and as she walked home crying, one of the students called Prince names and tossed an empty can at her as they passed in a car, according to the 38-page court filing painting a vivid picture of constant hazing. By 4:55 p.m. that day, Prince had hanged herself in the stairwell of her family's apartment in South Hadley."

"...they had called her cruel names, including "whore" and "Irish slut."

The word phrase that really strikes me in the above story, is "systematic bullying"--what must Phoebe have been enduring day in and day out?

I'm a mom of a high school freshman myself, and I've always taught my daughters to be accepting of others and that high school is just a sliver of the life you have to lead.

How do you feel? Was the punishment fair?

Thanks for weighing in.

Be safe,

Read the full CNN article here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bloodsport or Valley of Death?

Sounds violent, and totally up my alley! I'm referring to the Animal Planet's "Killer Outbreak" series featuring potentially deadly viruses and commentary from CDC experts and the victims themselves. In this season, six episodes will cover Anthrax, E. coli, Hantavirus, Rabies, West Nile, Monkey Pox, Acinetobacter Baumannii, Salmonella, Valley Fever, Meningococcal Disease, SARS and MRSA.

Upcoming are Episode 4: Bloodsport (May 6th 9PM/ET) Something's striking down men in the college town of Fort Collins, Colorado. A healthy father of two awakes one night with violent flu-like symptoms. He's rushed to the hospital, but in the matter of days, this healthy young man goes from the peak of health to death's door.

and Episode 5: Valley of Death (May 13th 9PM/ET) When a huge earthquake hits California, thousands of homes are condemned as dangerous and unlivable. A resident rushes to check in on his father after the earthquake. As they pick up the shattered remains of their home, the father is plagued by a persistent cough. Within days, his hands turn black, and he lapses into a coma...

Anyone tuning into these? Anyone see Deadly Animals Among Us? I missed that one!

They sound freaky but in a good way, ya know? ;-)

xo Faith