Monday, August 10, 2015

Where has the time gone?

I can't write unless I'm inspired. I posted this article on my personal Facebook page a few weeks ago, and although I wouldn't say it inspired, me, it has been bothering me. I wish we could quit the debate about immunizations causing Autism. It's a horrid illness, and like any other mother in the world, I would like to know what causes it. BUT. We can't make shit up. I'm a firm believer in not making shit up. Show me the science or shut up is my motto. This article tho? Circumcision? Currently, the rate of circumcision in the US is 81% (CDC), yet the occurrence of Autism is 1 in 42 boys. Hardly 81%. I feel like any news is news these days. It doesn't matter if it will cause public outcry, or mass public fact, the more the better! Are parents really making decisions based on what's in the news anymore? IDK, show me more science, friends.

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